Spartanburg Cycles Away With Bronze Bicycle-Friendly Medal

It’s been three years since Spartanburg began supporting local bicyclists with special infrastructure and tailor-made programs. Now the city is the only one in South Carolina to be honored by the League of American Bicyclists as a Bicycle-Friendly Community. Spartanburg won a bronze medal in the competition, which featured 24 communities around the country, after an extensive review of city policy towards bikers.

The bronze-level distinction doesn’t just celebrate Spartanburg’s new bike lanes, community bike lending program, and bike rack initiatives. It shows the city’s commitment to safety and convenience for bicyclists, pedestrians and drivers alike. Spartanburg will join cities like Steamboat Springs, Colorado, New York City, and Liberty Lake, Washington as an honored bike city. And its commitment to cyclists should grow in the coming years as the city takes full advantage of a generous grant from the Mary Black Foundation.

Though Spartanburg has made strides in bike-friendliness, its bronze medal doesn’t mean that pedestrians and cyclists should rest on their laurels. In 2003, Reuters pointed out that American cyclists are three times more likely to be killed on their bikes than their counterparts in Germany and the Netherlands. And up to 800 cyclists die in America each year due to bike injuries, with one in 20 cyclists injured every year.

If you’re taking to the road, make sure to wear a bike helmet each and every time you ride – even if you’re riding close to home (where most crashes and accidents occur). If you’re involved in an accident in which your helmeted head hits the ground, replace your helmet immediately. The helmet may look like its intact, but it could still cause traumatic brain injury and other damage if you crash again. Make sure your bike has appropriate reflectors and is in good condition. And take some time to learn hand signals and the basic rules of the road.

Though most cyclist make it to and from their destinations safely, accidents can and do happen. If you’re injured in a bike accident, you can make negligent parties take responsibility for their actions and recover for your injuries with a civil lawsuit. Interested in a free consultation? Contact the Louthian Law Firm today for more information.

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