Another Child Toy Manufacturer Announces Recalls


The RC2 Corporation announced the recall of over 600,000 of its toys and children’s necklaces Thursday, according to an Associated Press Article dated September 27th.

The RC2 Corp’s “Knights of the Sword” series toys and some of its Thomas And Friend items along with floor puppet theaters and gardening tools and chairs were among the items being recalled. The reason for the recall was the high levels of lead in their surface paint and some of their metal parts.

Earlier this year, on June 13th, RC2 Corp announced the first recall from the Thomas and Friends Product Line of 1.5 Million wooden railway toys. The company has now announced a new recall of five Thomas and Friends toys, totaling about 200,000 toys in all that were not included in the first recall.

Target, the importer of The Happy Giddy gardening tools and children’s Sunny Patch chairs, recalled about 350,000 items of the product, which were sold nationwide through August. The tools and chairs were also recalled due to dangerous levels of lead in the paint.

This recall follows the recent activity at Mattel, the world’s largest toy maker, which recalled 21 million of its Chinese-made toys within the span of five weeks. Like the RC2 Corp recalls, Mattel’s recalls were also the result of excessive levels of lead paint on the toys. The current toy safety debate has revolved around Chinese manufacturing and the lack of effective regulation of that country’s exploding economy as American companies continue to seek cheap labor in today’s global marketplace.

The recent trend of children toy recalls is a disturbing one. Child safety is at the forefront of every parents mind and when trusted toy retailers are forced to recall toys because they are unsafe it is both frightening and frustrating. If your children or someone’s children that you care about have fallen ill due to a defective product designed for children, the experienced Product Liability Attorneys at Louthian Law can help. Contact us today for a free consultation of your case.


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