Woman Sues Dentist for Pulling Too Many Teeth


A Durham woman has filed a lawsuit against a Durham dentist alleging medical malpractice and battery for pulling 24 teeth from her mouth instead of the 6 she agreed to have pulled.

In 2007, the 18-year-old woman went to Durham Family Dental Care to have four wisdom teeth and two molars pulled by Ilias Haralambakis, but when she woke up and the sedation medication had worn off, she found many more teeth had been pulled.

She is left with six bottom teeth and only two top teeth. She wears only her top dentures because the bottom ones don’t fit, and she is unable to eat certain foods. She claims she can’t teach her young son how to brush his teeth because she has none herself.

The complaint states she has suffered “excruciating pain,” her jaw locks up on a regular basis, and she acquired a painful infection in her mouth following the extraction of the teeth.

Medical Malpractice


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