Staples Center Sued Following Death of 2-Year-Old


The family of a 2-year-old who fell from a luxury box last year and died has filed suit against the owners of the Staples Center, Anschutz Entertainment Group, and the operator of the arena, L.A. Arena, Co.

The toddler fell at least 30 feet following a Lakers game last year. The lawsuit alleges the barrier in front of the boxes was only 2 feet high and that the owners did not adequately warn patrons of the dangerous conditions. It further alleges that the dangerous conditions were allowed to continue so the arena would make more money if fans had an unobstructed view of the games.

As the family was reviewing pictures they had taken, they found that the toddler somehow made his way over the barrier, fell at least 30 feet, and landed on a row of empty seats. He died the next day at the hospital.

Wrongful Death

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