Recycle, Renew, Rerun


My family attends Downtown Church in Columbia. One of the many things we like about it is the outreach programs to help the community. The latest of these projects is called Rerun, and I’m excited about the possibilities it holds for providing affordable transportation for folks who need it – they need a way to get to job interviews, or to work, or to the store.

This is truly a joint effort by several facets of the community to help individuals in our city. The bikes are donated by Columbia residents; repairs are done by Downtown Church members with special assistance from the Cycle Center; and the refurbished bikes will be re-donated to Transitions, a downtown transitional center for the homeless. A helmet is included with each bike. If and when our financial resources allow, we would like to provide them with a light and lock as well. Our hope is that a bicycle, coupled with the bus system, will enable these folks to get anywhere they need to and help them to ultimately become independent.

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