Mother Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against YAZ Following Daughter’s Death


An 18-year-old college student died of cardiac arrest in September after she took YAZ to treat her acne. The student’s mother has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Bayer, the maker of YAZ, also known as Yasmin or Ocella.

The lawsuit alleges YAZ is a “dangerous prescription drug sold without adequate warnings about the risks of serious and fatal injuries..

Following two studies, the British Medical Journal last month published findings that drugs containing the hormone drospirenone were 2-3 times more likely to increase the risk of serious blood clots than earlier-generations of oral contraceptives. YAZ contains drospirenone.

While Bayer claims this side effect is rare, the YAZ website does warn against the increased risks of blood clots, stoke, and heart attack. In 2008, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration sent Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc. a warning letter citing the company for running two misleading television ads which overstated its benefits and minimized serious side effects.

Dangerous Prescription Drugs


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