Government Warns Gel-Fueled Firepots Pose Serious Burn Danger


The government issued a warning last week about the dangers associated with firepots that use a gel-based fuel to produce a tiki-like torch fire. An article released by the Associated Press and published in the June 14 Washington Post reported that two recent NY incidents prompted the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)’s warning.
The NY injuries resulted when adults on two separate occasions poured the gel fuel into the pots, and they suffered serious burns. Scott Wolfson, a chief spokesman for the safety commission stated “CPSC staff wants all consumers to stay safe this summer by never pouring the fuel into an already lit firepot or tiki torch..

The primary seller, Napa Home and Garden, Inc., has sold thousands of bottles of gels for firepots that are used on back porches and patios. South Carolina patrons should be wary of the dangers of lighting and burning these and other brand gels in their firepots. This time of year, SC residents are spending more time on their patios, and these gel-fueled pots are used to add ambiance. Our attorneys warn that the dangers far outweigh the benefits.
Serious burns and other injuries can result while lighting the firepot according to other incident reports. A Georgia woman was burned after the firepot exploded upon lighting and sent a ball of flame, which she said resembled napalm, across the family’s back porch. She suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her legs.

The CPSC has received eight reports of explosions or burns involving firepots with fuel gels since April 2010.

The Atlanta-based maker has issued a “precautionary hold” on the sales of the firepots and gel fuel. Furthermore, the primary seller of the pots – Bed, Bath and Beyond – has stopped selling the products altogether.

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