Woman Awarded $21 Million for Injuries at Wal-Mart Distribution Center


A Pike County (Alabama) jury has awarded an employee of Wal-Mart distribution center $21 million for injuries she suffered while working in the banana ripening room, reports the Dothan News.

In April 2008, the then 26-year-old woman was standing in the doorway of one of the newly constructed banana ripening rooms when a 3-4 foot tall metal plate covering the trim at the top of one of the room’s doors fell 30 feet and struck her in the face. She not only suffered face lacerations, but it severed her nerves and muscles in her face.

Several days later, she developed seizures which now occur on a regular basis and puts her at risk of a condition called sudden epileptic death. Due to the seizures, she’s not able to be alone and to completely care for her 2-year-old daughter.

The lawsuit was filed against Thermal Technologies and its contractor, Helsel Contracting, which built the banana rooms along with the doors. It was alleged the metal fell from the door because it wasn’t properly secured with bolts. Wal-Mart was not listed as one of the defendants in the verdict.

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