Food Poisoning Victims Tell Their Stories


The Associated Press reported on Wednesday, April 25, 2007 that families who have been victimized by tainted spinach and peanut butter appeared before Congress in a plead to the federal government to do more to protect the nations food supply.

Michael Armstrong appeared with his wife Elizabeth and their daughters, Ashley, 2, and Isabella, 5. The two little girls became ill in September after eating a salad made with a bag of spinach contaminated by E. coli.

Gary Pruden, who was joined by his 11 year old son, Sean, also testified. Sean became seriously ill in November with E. coli after eating at a Taco Bell restaurant.

These and other incidents have raised questions about the United States food supply and efforts by the Food and Drug Administration and other government agencies to keep our food safe.

The safety of domestic food was questioned last fall when officials traced a nationwide E. coli outbreak to contaminated spinach which had been processed by Natural Selection Foods, LLC. Three people died and nearly 200 others became ill. More recently, contaminated peanut butter and pet food have also been recalled.

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