South Carolina woman who claimed disabled daughter was raped settles lawsuit


A South Carolina woman settled her lawsuit with the Babcock Center, a home for the mentally ill, for $250,000 according to an Associated Press Report published Tuesday, October 2nd. The suit alleged that Brenda Bryant’s daughter, a 21-year-old mentally retarded woman, was raped by at least one man after she left a Babcock home with them in 1995.

Brenda Bryant says she settled with the Babcock Center, but that money can not undo what’s already been done. The Babcock Center meanwhile has maintained that the sex was consensual. Babcock Center executive director Judy Johnson says the company admitted no wrongdoing in the settlement. She says she thought the company’s insurance provider settled based on financial reasons.

Despite her settlement award, Brenda Bryant’s fight for the rights of those with mental retardation continues. The Associated Press normally does not identify victims of alleged sex crimes, but Bryant says she has gone public in her role as an advocate for people with mental retardation.

The stigma associated with issues regarding mental retardation or sexual harassment can discourage people from seeking justice. It is important that you fight for your rights or the rights of those you care for. With the right legal strategy and an aggressive, resourceful South Carolina Sexual Harassment Attorney, you can send a message to the entities at fault that this kind of behavior is unacceptable in our society.


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