Pet Food Saga Continues


It turns out that the ingredients from China which were used to make pet foods in the United States and later found their way into chicken and pig food were not wheat gluten and rice protein after all but seriously contaminated wheat flour according to government investigators.

To further complicate the matter some of the contaminated flour mislabeled as gluten was mixed into fish food in Canada and exported to the United States where it was fed to fish consumed by humans.

This now raises the possibility that some American seafood might contain melamine, the industrial toxin. FDA officials say that they do not know how many U.S. fish farms may have used the tainted feed or what types of fish may have been affected.

The managers from two Beijing companies that exported the contaminated wheat gluten and rice protein have been detained according to the Chinese media. Those managers work for Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology Development Company, Ltd. and Binzhou Futian Biology Technology Co. Ltd., the two companies which exported the products containing melamine.

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