Pedestrian Hit by Two Cars on Columbia Sidewalk


A woman standing on a downtown Columbia sidewalk was hospitalized after being injured in a pedestrian accident caused by a driver attempting to beat a red light.

The driver struck another vehicle coming through the intersection. Both vehicles then collided with the woman, who was waiting on a corner.

A pedestrian is injured by a car every eight minutes in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Every 108 minutes a pedestrian is killed.
Pedestrian accidents account for approximately 10 percent of all traffic fatalities nationwide.

Here is a report from WIS-TV:
Columbia Police said a man trying to beat a red light at Hampton Street and Assembly Street caused the collision that left the unnamed pedestrian with a leg injury.

Gary Jones, 54, was cited for disregarding a traffic control device after the incident.

Police say Jones was traveling eastbound on Hampton Street when he ran a red light and hit a vehicle traveling northbound on Assembly. The two vehicles then hit a woman who was standing on the sidewalk at the northeast corner of the intersection.

EMS transported the pedestrian to an area hospital. A spokesperson for the police department said she appeared to have an injury to her leg or ankle.

A total of 818 people died in South Carolina auto accidents in 2011, according to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety. Thousands were injured.

Source: WIS-TV

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