Parents Sue Nashville Over Death Of Their Son In Floods


The family of Daniel Brown has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Metro Nashville for the drowning death of their son in May of 2010.

Daniel and two friends were swept out of a yard by flood waters and into Mill Creek on an inner tube. The two friends made it to safety and reported Daniel was still out in the water, but Metro Nashville did not take any action to save him. His father found his son’s body several days later.

The medical examiner reported the death occurred on May 12 at 1:15 p.m. If the autopsy is correct, Daniel survived for several days and could have been saved if Metro had done more to help. The lawsuit claims Metro had 10 days to find Daniel and they weren’t even looking although they had been notified he was still out in the water. The family wants the city held accountable for Daniel’s death.

Wrongful Death

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