North Carolina Physician’s Assistant Found Negligent in Mother’s Death


A physician’s assistant (PA) was found negligent in the death of a 42-year-old woman from congestive heart failure less than two months after giving birth to twins at The McDowell Hospital in Marion, NC. The lawsuit was brought by the husband who claimed the defendants did not do all they could to save the life of his wife.

The man will be awarded $667,000 in the case where he was seeking $6.8 million. The suit was filed against seven doctors, one physician’s assistant, Asheville Radiology, The McDowell Hospital and McDowell Emergency Physicians. Most of the defendants settled out of court, however, two doctors, the PA and McDowell Emergency Physicians took the case to court.

The woman was diagnosed with pneumonia after giving birth, in February, 2008, and was prescribed a medication for treatment upon her discharge. Suffering from shortness of breath and nausea, the woman returned to the emergency room several times within the following weeks and was again treated for pneumonia. She was later admitted to the hospital where she was found to have congestive heart failure. She died several weeks later after suffering a stroke.

The suit claimed the PA failed to perform appropriate tests and failed to appreciate the signs and symptoms of the woman’s condition, among other charges. The PA was the only one found negligent by the jury. Medical Malpractice


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