Motorcyclists and Pedestrians Majority of SC Traffic Fatalities on October 14th Weekend


Six of the seven traffic fatalities in South Carolina on the weekend of October 14th were of pedestrians and motorcyclists according to the Department of Public Safety. From six p.m. Friday to midnight Sunday, four motorcyclists and two pedestrians died on non-Interstate roads, and one other person died on the interstate.

South Carolina’s traffic fatality rates are higher than this time last year. To date, 658 people have died so far in 2011 while 647 died in 2010. Of the fatalities in 2011, approximately 29% have involved pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists. About 94% of those deaths were pedestrians and motorcyclists in near-equal parts. Though South Carolina’s pedestrian death rate declined in 2009, as quoted by the NHTSA, the state is ranked as one of the “Top Five” worst states of per capita deaths to pedestrians.

The deadliest county for traffic accidents in South Carolina remains Greenville. From 2008 to 2011, with 186 deaths, Greenville has experienced the most traffic fatalities. It has been the top offender every year except 2009, where it had the second highest number of deaths. Greenville is the most populated county in South Carolina.



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