Most of $8.5 Million Award Upheld In Medical Misdiagnosis Case


USA Today reports a federal judge has upheld most of the $8.5 million he awarded in a medical misdiagnosis case.

In 2002, a doctor at Scott Air Force Base, in southern Illinois, misdiagnosed the ex-wife of a captain when she came to him with a rash on her arm and he assumed she was an addict wanting prescription drugs.

The rash turned out to be a flesh eating bacteria. The woman lost the use of her arm and was awarded $8.5 million by a federal judge.

The government requested the award for damages be cut by over $1 million, but the judge let most of the original award stand and cut the damages by less than $63,000.

Medical malpractice is essentially when health care professionals make a mistake that harms the patient they are supposed to help.

Medical Malpractice Case


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