Fisher-Price kitchen toys recalled due to choking risk


The world’s largest toy manufacturer, Mattel Inc., announced on Tuesday November 6th that it was recalling more than 172,000 Fisher Price kitchen toys in the United States and Europe because several children choked and gagged on small, detachable parts.

The company has received 48 reports of small parts separating from Laugh & Learn 2-in-1 Learning Kitchen, which featured a sink, a refrigerator and a range. One child choked on a detached piece and needed the Heimlich maneuver performed to remove the part. One child started to choke, and two children had pieces in their mouth mouths and gagged from the recalled children’s toy.

“Small parts choking hazards with toys is one of the most serious dangers to children in the United States,” Scott Wolfson, Consumer Product Safety Commission spokesman, said. “This should send a message to parents to take this toy away from the child immediately..

The recall, which involves 155,000 toys sold in the United States, is the latest in the rash of toy recalls across the country. Unlike other recalls, this toy was designed improperly with too many small parts. Other recalls were the result of hazardous lead paint being used by the toymakers.

If your child has been the victim of a dangerous toy accident, he or she may have suffered serious physical injuries such as disfigurement, paralysis, head injury, bone fractures, burns, or a number of other types of serious physical trauma.


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