Drive Safely by Avoiding Common Driving Distractions


Our South Carolina car accident attorneys recently reported about the dangers of driving with a cold – considered another form of distracted driving. South Carolinians and all Americans have been bombarded with the hazards of texting while driving, and other dangerous distracted driving behaviors. While some in the general public believe the warnings are excessive, our attorneys have seen the devastating impact of distracted driving.

Using electronic devices such as cell phones and GPS technology while driving are the usual distractions that drivers are warned against that can result in serious accidents and highway traffic fatalities. The list of possible distractions is seemingly endless, and by being aware of some of the most common distractions, drivers can help make our South Carolina highways safer.

Common Driving Distractions

  • Texting and cell phone use are the most common driving distractions.While many states have enacted cell phone driving laws, South Carolina is one of the few states that has not yet successfully passed legislation.However, the 2011-2012 South Carolina General Assembly will once again consider distracted driving legislation.Regardless of whether a texting while driving law is in place, drivers should refrain from practicing that dangerous behavior.
  • Outside noise and commotion can be just as distracting as activity inside the vehicle. Experts suggest keeping your windows up when driving to avoid the possibility of an insect flying into the car, loose paper from flying around the car and being distracted by loud noises from construction sites and congregating crowds.
  • Emotional discussions can upset and distract the driver, quickly turning into a dangerous accident. Resolve differences outside the car at a later time.
  • Eating, drinking and applying make-up are common practices for drivers, yet they all have the potential of being extremely distracting. Trying to retrieve dropped food, cleaning up spilled drinks or looking in the mirror to ensure lipstick is properly applied all require taking your eyes off the road and can cause an accident in a split second.

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