Contra Costa County to Pay Over $13 Million in Wrongful Death Lawsuits


Last week Contra Costa County was ordered to pay over $13 million to settle two separate lawsuits. In one case they will pay $1.5 million to the family of a man shot by sheriffs in a wrongful death claim. The second suit requires they pay $11.7 million to the family of man who died in a crash on a county road.

The county will pay $1.5 million in the case of a man who was shot in 2009 in the emergency room at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center. The man had checked himself in for treatment of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. He became agitated and he attempted to cut the restraints off himself with a knife. His children, who filed the lawsuit, claimed the deputies used excessive force.

In the other case, jurors found the county failed to keep the road safe during road resurfacing work after a man died when he was struck by a vehicle that ran off the road after he stopped to help another driver. The wrongful death lawsuit alleged that “the county failed to cover higher speed limit signs and sweep off gravel during the resurfacing work..

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Contra Costa pays $1.5m over hospital shooting
Jury orders Contra Costa to pay $11.7M in crash

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