Choking hazard prompts rattle recall


Target stores announced the latest in the rash of child toy recalls on October 2nd, according to an NBC News Report. The company is recalling the “Plush Boys Rattles” because of a potential choking hazard.

There are three types of rattles – the orange basketball with black stitching, the white baseball with red stitching, and the brown football with white stitching. Target, which sold the rattles from March through May of this year, indicated that the rattles can break open, releasing small beads which small children can choke on. Target has indicated that consumers can return the rattles to their stores for a full refund.

As the laundry list of recalled children’s toys continues to grow, it is only natural that parents in America seek answers. Answers as to how toy manufacturers can continually, seemingly habitually, place our children in danger in the interest of decreased production cost and increased profit. Toys are recalled so often that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) maintains a separate list of recall announcements just for toys (and another for hazardous children’s products). In South Carolina, unsafe toys are also regulated by the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs.


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