Children Injured When Church Bus Overturns


In a tragic example of the worst kind of South Carolina Bus Accident, ten children and their driver were injured when their bus overturned, according to an AP Report posted January 24th. The church bus overturned in Pickens County on the evening of Wednesday, January 23rd on U.S. 178 near Lakeview Baptist Church, where the children were returning from service. Four children, ranging in age from 9 to 13, were taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital. One child was in critical condition and another was in serious condition the morning after the accident. The driver was listed in fair condition.

South Carolina bus accidents can be some of the most dangerous of all motor vehicle accidents. When any vehicle overturns in an accident the results can be tragic. School buses do not have seatbelts and very often small children can be thrown around in the cabin, resulting in serious injury.

Very often in wrecks like this one, the cause of the accident must be determined. Was the driver negligent in some way? Did the condition of the bus contribute to the accident? Was it properly maintained? What role does the church play in restitution for injuries suffered in the crash? These are all questions best left to a South Carolina auto accident attorney from the Louthian Law Firm.

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UPDATE (1/27): Tragically, one of the injured victims of the bus crash died several days after the accident. Austin Green, an 11 year old sixth-grader at Liberty Middle School, succumbed to his injuries on Sunday, January 27th. The Highway Patrol said there was fog in the area of Pickens County where the bus crashed Wednesday night, but it was unclear whether or not that contributed to the accident.


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