California Family Awarded $29.2 Million in Tragic Car Accident


The family of two children that died in November 2006 in a head-on collision on Highway 12 near Fairfield, California has been awarded $29.2 million by a Solano County jury. The driver of an SUV crossed the center line and slammed into the oncoming passenger car leaving the two children dead, one child paralyzed from the waist down and the mother, and driver of the car, in the hospital for 2 months recovering from her injuries.
The driver of the SUV was traveling close to 80 MPH and attempted to pass two vehicles in a no-passing zone. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison. He was found 65% liable in the case, but due to his limited insurance coverage the state will pay the majority of the award.
The state was found 35% responsible in the case for unsafe conditions on the roadway. Since 1994 there have been 100 crossover collisions, and more than 40 deaths on the same stretch of road as this accident, according to the victim’s attorney. Caltrans had identified the road as hazardous in the late 1990’s but did not improve the roadway until 2007.
Due to a California law governing suits against multiple defendants, victims can recover their economic losses from a “deep pocket” defendant like the state, in this case. The state may end up liable for $20 million.
If you have been in an accident, it’s important to make sure you understand your legal rights. You may be able to recover money for medical bills, lost wages, funeral costs, as well as compensation for wrongful death or permanent disability. 

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