Alcohol Related Teen Deaths Spur Prom Safety Drive


The State Newspaper reported on Thursday, April 12, 2007 that police, schools and businesses in Richland County, South Carolina are working together to make this year’s prom season safer for students.

Since 2001, 6 teenagers from Richland County have died in alcohol related accidents.

On April 19, 2007 Columbia Police will join Columbia High School’s drama class for a “Prom Promise Presentation” for juniors and seniors. The drama class will perform a skit of a party where children are drinking. A couple of the children go to the store and are involved in an automobile collision. A passenger dies in the skit and the driver fails the field sobriety test. Other local schools are conducting similar presentations
The Columbia Police Department is hoping that the presentations will have a significant impact on students and that they will spread the message to their peers concerning the dangers of drunk driving.

Domino’s Pizza is distributing 44,000 fliers on pizza boxes delivered from its 11 stores in the greater Columbia area.

Students who rent tuxedos from most local formal wear stores will receive an information card in the pocket of the tuxedo which will ask the question “Is it worth it?” and include information about the consequences of underage drinking.

More than 100 local businesses are participating in this effort. The article also provides strategies and rules for parents:
Tips for Parents
o Know where your teen is, especially after school, in the evening and when school
is out for the summer or holidays.

o Talk to you teen.

o Keep your teen busy with after school activities, such as sports or clubs.

o Check up on your teen occasionally. Make sure they are where they said they would
be and are with the friends they said they would be with.

o Consider developing a family mission statement that reflects you family’s core values.

o Spend time together as a family and be involved in your child’s life.

o Learn about the harmful effects of alcohol and drug use and talk to your teen about them.

o Set rules-with clear limits and consequences for breaking them.

o Reward good behavior and enforce consequences for bad behavior.

o Get to know your teen’s friends-and their parents.

o Keep in touch with teachers, coaches or employers who know your teen and can tell
you if they see any changes.

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