5 Car Safety Features For SC Drivers


The No. 1 safety fear of drivers age 50 and older is not being able to see clearly at night.
That’s according to the study “Enhancing Safety and Comfort For Mature Drivers” by The Hartford and the MIT Age Lab.

Twenty-four percent of those surveyed said night vision was their top concern. Other fears: distractions such as music and phones (13 percent), changing lanes in traffic (12 percent), and merging on the highway (12 percent).

The findings are important. In South Carolina, as in most states, more than half of all new cars are bought by people aged 50 and older.

And here’s good news: Auto makers are equipping new models with safety features designed especially for older drivers:
* Smart headlights. These change the intensity and angle of direction of headlights to reduce glare and make driving easier at night or in bad weather.

* Emergency response systems. Quick-response systems are being enhanced and improved each year.

* Blind spot warning systems. These warn of objects or other vehicles that are in your car’s blind spot, making merging and changing lanes easier.

* Assistive parking systems. These cars essentially park themselves, without needing a driver, by letting you know distances to spots and warning you of obstructions.

* Drowsy driver alerts. This technology lets you know when your inattention or tiredness is a problem.

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