$3.5 Million Awarded in Texas Cancer Misdiagnosis


The Dallas Morning News reports one of the largest awards in Denton County, since tort law reform of 2003, has been awarded to the family of a woman who died from misdiagnosed cancer in 2004. The $3.5 million is expected to be reduced to $1.5 million due to civil law and will be divided between her husband, her two children, and her father.

In October, 2002, the 33-year-old woman was told by Highland Family Medical Center the marble sized lump on her head was a sebaceous cyst. The cyst was removed and was not sent to a lab for testing to confirm that it was a cyst. When the cyst returned a year later, the woman saw another doctor but did not have it removed because she was pregnant. By January, 2004, the cyst had quadrupled in size and was diagnosed as a sarcoma. After vigorous treatment, she died on December 14, 2004, leaving a husband and two small children.

The medical malpractice suit was filed by the woman’s husband against the medical center, the doctor, and the physician’s assistant who removed the initial cyst.

Texas Medical Malpractice

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