$2.25 Million to Be Paid By Officer and Bar In Deadly Car Crash


A police officer and the bar which served her will pay a total of $2.255 million for the wrongful death of four, and the injuries to another man, reports St. Louis Today.

The lawsuit claimed the police officer had consumed a “high quantity” of alcohol at O’Leary’s Restaurant and Bar and the employees at the bar knew she was intoxicated and did not stop her from driving or call her a cab. Despite her slurred speech and unsteady walk, the bar continued to serve her alcohol, the article reports. After leaving the bar, the officer crashed her car into a Honda with five students from India, the article reports.

The driver of the car hit by the police officer suffered a head injury, a fractured rib, liver trauma, lung contusion, and contusions to the skull. His four passengers were killed.

A “wrongful death” is a death caused by the carelessness (negligence) or misconduct of another person or organization.

Police Officer, Bar Settle Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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