Washington Woman Awarded $2.2 Million in Dog Attack

A Pierce County, WA jury awarded a woman $2.2 million for injuries she suffered when two pit bull dogs attacked her leaving her with bite wounds to her face, neck, breasts, nose, arms and hands. The owner of one of the dogs is responsible for $1.1 million and a neighbor, who had left her dog in the care of the other, is liable for $110,000. Pierce County was found liable for $928,000.

The county, who has said they will appeal, was found negligent for not following up on earlier complaints about vicious dogs in the dog owners’ houses. The county said its animal-control officers acted reasonably given the information available to them. They also deny there were 14 calls made to the county related to these dogs.

The appeal will primarily focus on WA law that says a government agency is not to blame when it does its normal government function.

The now 63-year-old woman, who was attacked by the dogs in her home in 2007, may require additional surgeries for scarring.

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