Permanently Injured Teen Receives $30 Million Award

A Tennessee jury has awarded $30 million to a 19-year-old who has permanent brain damage as a result of a traffic accident three years ago, reports The Commercial Appeal of Memphis.

In 2006, a gravel truck ran into the side of the teen’s truck, killing his passenger and leaving him in a coma for eight months. The lawsuit alleged the gravel truck was 20,000 pounds overweight and the driver was inexperienced.

The jury found 70 percent of the responsibility for the accident went to the owner of the gravel truck who hired the driver – APAC-Tennessee, a road paving company. The other 30 percent was divided between the gravel truck driver and the company that loaded the gravel.

As a result of his severe traumatic brain injury, the teen is unable to live alone and needs around-the-clock care.

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